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Meditation Training

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Whether it's for stress reduction, chronic health, or a friend or doctor prescribed it, meditation is an important and easy tool anyone can learn.

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- We understand meditation seems hard and the task of quieting the mind almost impossible. But do not be misled! Anyone can learn to meditate, and meditate WELL. There just isn't ONE way of teaching it that's going to work for everyone and no one style that works for everyone, SO... we customize.

Some people have a lot of time, some have none, some have kids and jobs and some don't. Some brains are hyperactive, some calm. No matter what your circumstances or experience, we promise we can help you find a way and time to make meditation part of your life. Whether you need a group class for business professionals or a family, or a private class just for your unique life, we love helping people learn this most important, and supportive tool for all-around health!
COST: As with all of our services, (because we believe health care shouldn't break the bank) we work out prices that work for everyone. Please call us or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more specific information to fit your situation. Also, right now we don't put these classes up for online scheduling due to the custom nature of each class.