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Wake The Ef Up

Wake the Ef Up! Class for Men: Getting Heart Centered (and Staying that Way); Basic Series - 10hrs

Maybe you and your children or partner are just not clicking... or really trusting each other, or resent is building up and you are perceived as unfair, or domineering... maybe over controlling or not caring? Maybe your family asks you to listen more and resists your solutions to things. Can it escalate into a fight to be heard and understood? Maybe it happens often, and there is yelling or anger, someone gets punished or lectured to make sure the "right" or "best" or "most efficient" way is followed. Or maybe it's you who is pushed back and ultimately facing rejection.

FOR ALL MALES (Single and Partnered):

Are you a fantastic listener and observer? Do your family, friends and colleagues feel heard and understood, received and not judged or criticized

by you? Do you live from a beautifully balanced place of heart and brain?.. able to access, discuss and share emotions freely and safely with yourself and others? Are you able to lead, partner and follow easily and able to discern which is needed of you without resistance or fight? Are you happily partnered or happily single and confident that you will continue to be fulfilled, in your heart for the rest of your life? If so, then please contact me to help teach this class. If not, registration is here and below, and above.

Wake the Ef Up! Class for Men: Basic Series - Getting Heart Centered (and Staying that Way) 10hrs
Four Classes: Duration: 2.5 hrs
▪ 75 minute period (topic 1)
▪ 15 minute break with refreshments
▪ 60 minute period (topic 2)

Suggested Price: $400

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Class 1: 2.5 hrs

Patriarchal BS (Belief Systems)
Introduction to the BodyMind

Class 2: 2.5hrs
The HEART: What it really means to think with it, listen to it, decide with it and even live from it.
Feelings and Emotions: Deal kindly with your own emotions and balance your empathy for others.

Class 3: 2.5hrs
Meditation and Urban Mindfulness: Be present, observe, listen and participate with less and less judgment.
Cycles of BS: From "Victim, Hero, Aggressor" spirals to common disagreements: Understanding the Reward Drive and how we find ourselves standing in the seemingly same place over and over again.

Class 4: 2.5hrs
Invasive Thoughts, Energies and Behaviors: Males often push too hard, too far, too often (often without realizing it).
Violence: How it has been used to reinforce Patriarchal BS. We will look at different types of violence from thoughts to war, and how it harms the BodyMind.

Note: Mindfulness techniques and practical tools that fit into urban realities are taught in each class of the series. Meaning every night, you return home with something practical to do in your life that will reinforce the ideas we discuss and realizations you may have.