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Massage Therapy

Massage at Community Workz is always integrative and intuitive. Every session can include swedish, deep tissue, neuro muscular, and pain-point techniques as well as energy and mind-body balancings.  Appropriate for athletes, prenatal, postpartum, injury recovery, stress management, desk job syndrome :-), and really everyone else.  Never routine, each massage is catered to your current needs and the balance you require to thrive. We are skilled therapists as comfortable with relaxation as we are with healing chronic and difficult problems. 

Each component of body, mind and spirit work together and we address all of these to create balance where balance is most needed. 

Suggested Price: $100 per hour

$150 per 1.5 hours

All of our therapists are Certified and Licensed by the State of Colorado  (Link to DORA)

Call 303.399.3535 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Schedule with Brian Segers or Christy Zollar