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Pain Point Therapy

We created Pain Point Therapy to specifically address the pathways and patterns in the body caused by injury, overuse or inactivity.  While Pain Point Therapy is often integrated into massages, we have made this session available for all people who exclusively want to work on relieving pain. Please note that these sessions are done with clothes on, unlike a massage, and may     be done in seated or laying position, and may include movement and/or stretching as well.

Often, injury or repetitive overuse/underuse will combine with stress and environmental factors to create very complex pain pathways. Pain Point Therapy combines techniques utilized in neuromuscular manipulation, mind-body medicine and energetic healing therapies to address the root causes of the pain as well as relieve reactive patterns that have been created in the nervous system.  An example of a reactive pattern might be chronic pain in the feet that is actually being caused by an issue in the shoulder, brain or intestine.  Simply treating the feet will only give temporary relief and the problematic pain will always return. When we go further and treat the root cause instead of just the symptom, the pain will stop...for good.

An initial pain point therapy session is one hour long and includes consultation, evaluation and your first treatment. Follow up appointments range from 20 minutes to a full hour depending on individual needs.  This is appropriate for both acute and long term pain, limitation, restriction or any chronic pain/discomfort.

Suggested Price:  $80 for the initial appointment and $30 per 20 minutes for follow ups. 

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