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PreNatal and Birth

The changes of motherhood are multi-layered. Things like nutrition are important as well as stress management, physical conditioning, mental health and energy awareness. The mother who is deeply aware of these things is an empowered mother, more likely to complete her chosen birth experience, have a healthy child and a healthy recovery for herself.

By working with Community Workz for your Prenatal health, you can receive support through BodyTalk and other subtle energy techniques, massage, nutrition, counseling and health empowering classes. We love to collaborate with your Nurse Midwife, Doula and/or Doctor and can also connect you with natural birth options such as the Mountain Midwifery Center, Colorado's only licensed and accredited natural birth center.

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The BodyTalk System in Prenatal and Postnatal Care

In my experience, through my personal pregnancy and birth, and through the multiple pregnancies and births I have assisted with, I find BodyTalk to be an important asset to the comfort, health and ease of the enitre process. Receiving regular BodyTalk sessions helps the pregnant body to get into and maintain alignment within itself and with the growing baby(ies) physically, physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. There are so many changes occurring during pregnancy and birth and keeping communication lines open and healthy between all parts of the body systems is more important than ever. With BodyTalk we can also pinpoint priorities for both the mother and the growing fetus(s) and deal with any imbalances at such an early stage that many times issues or problems never develop that may have otherwise. During birth, we can keep mother and baby balanced to each other, balanced to any environmental influences, and help to keep the constantly changing process in alignment.

For more specifics please read some birth stories under More Information and please feel free to give me a call... The pregnancy and birth experience is a major passion for me and I am available to speak to you about your upcoming experience and to answer any questions about how I may serve you. - Christy

Prenatal and Postnatal Massage

Massage is an excellent way for moms to honor their experience while receiving support. Prenatal Massage Therapists are trained to soothe pregnant mothers while helping their bodies release tightness, pain and holding patterns. Moms who receive massage regularly often report easier births and better relations with everyone around them. Letting go of stress is the single most important step towards health for any of us, and for moms it is even more important.

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